How to translate Estate theme

All the theme translations should be done using  yreg-estate/languages/.pot file and free software Poedit (poedit.net/download). Please open .pot file in the Poedit software and first click on Update button.  You will generate .po and .mo files in the same folder (for example en_EN.po and en_EN.mo) and make all the translations there.

Alternatively, you can translate all the text strings in the php files. For example, "sqft" is edited on line 57 of yreg-estate/templates/single-property.php file:

$property_area_text = yreg_estate_property_delimiter_text($property_area, '') . esc_html__(' sqft', 'yreg-estate');

Replace  ' sqft', with  ' m²', 

You also need to customize yreg-estate/templates/trx_property/property_1.php file,  line 139.

The text from the search form ( "Any"  and "sqft" )  is modified in yreg-estate/js/theme.init.js file, lines 136, 143, 105, 107, 112, 114.

Form fields on Homepage 3 slider are edited in Revolution slider -> Home 3. You  need to select Static Global layers and edit the field text in the shortcode. Please check the screenshot: