How to add a social media icon in PJ theme.

In order to add one more social icon to the website, please edit  wp-content/plugins/trx_addons/includes/plugin.options.php file and add the following code on line 315 :

$TRX_ADDONS_STORAGE['options']['socials_youtube'] = array( "title" => esc_html__('Youtube', 'trx_addons'), "desc" => wp_kses_data( __("Link to your channel in the Youtube", 'trx_addons') ), "std" => "", "type" => "text" );

You may need to replace all  instances of "youtube" with your social network, e.g. "linkedin".

This is how the code looks after the changes:

Then you will be able to enter the social network link in Appearance -> Themerex Addons -> Socials.