How to translate Organic Store theme.

All the theme text strings are translated using organics/languages/organics.pot file and Poedit software (free at https://poedit.net/download). You will need to generate .po and .mo files and name them according to your website language, for example. es_ES.po and es_ES.mo (for Spanish)

 Alternatively, you can translate them directly in files:
In \wp-content\themes\organics\plugins\plugin.woocommerce.php file you can translate most of the text strings from the shop pages:
"Quick View" (line 189), "Checkout" (line 406), "Your cart" (line 404), "My account" (line 408).
"Your cart" and "Item" text from the top cart is changed in wp-content\themes\organics\templates\headers\_parts\contact-info-cart.php file on lines 7 and 10.
"Register", "Login", "Logout' text is modified in \wp-content\themes\organics\templates\headers\_parts\top-panel-top.php, lines 109, 114, 136.
"All posts" text is edited in \wp-content\themes\organics\fw\core\type.post.php on line 378.