Language localization

1.Go to http://www.poedit.net/download.php and download Poedit for your system (Wndows/MAC). Poedit is a free, open source and cross-platform gettext catalog (.po file) editor to aid in the process of language localization.

2.Install it on your computer: double click the file and follow the steps it suggests. At the end of the installation, make sure the option Open Poedit After Installation is checked and click Finish.

3. Go to your files in this way: wp-content/themes/your_theme_name/languages and here you will see two files default.po and default.mo files

4.If you want to translate it to another language, e.g. Dutch, new files should be created. There are two ways to do it:

  • Rename default.po and default.mo files files which you can use as samples for creating new language files. Duplicate them or just give them the corresponding locale names (e.g., nl_NL.mo and nl_NL.po for Dutch)
  • Alternatively, under wp_content/themes/your_theme/languages on your FTP, you can duplicate a pair of the existing language files and give them the corresponding locale names (e.g., nl_NL.mo and nl_NL.po for Dutch).

5. Save the two language files on your computer. In Poedit click Open.

6.Navigate to where you saved the language files and open nl_NL.po. or your own language file

7.Look for the text string you want to translate in the left column called Source Text. You can hit Ctrl + F to look for a specific string of text.

8.Click the text string to select. It will appear in the Source Text lower column. Change the text in the Translation bottom column.

9.You can translate text both for the front end and back end of your site. When you are done, click Save and upload both files to thewp_content/themes/your_theme/languages directory on your FTP, replacing the existing files.

Thank you for reading.