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How to Change the Icons on Contacts page

In order to change the icons on Contact page 

 please edit \wp-content\themes\newlife-church\shortcodes \theme.shortcodes.css file, lines 1045-1061:

.sc_form .sc_form_address_field_icon_address:before{    content: '\e8fe';
.sc_form .sc_form_address_field_icon_phone:before{    content: '\e8ad';    font-size: 1.5714em;    left: 0.8182em;    top: 0.0909em;
.sc_form .sc_form_address_field_icon_email:before{    content: '\e901';    top: 0;
.sc_form .sc_form_address_field_hours:before{    content: '\e8fb';    top: 0;

You may also find the list of the icons available in \wp-content\themes\newlife-church\css\fontello \demo.html file. 


You can add more icons to the list using Fontello font generator. Please enter in your browser and upload custom SVG file, here is the path - alliance/css/fontello/font/fontello.svg . After you add new icons to the list, download the font in the top right corner and upload the extracted folder to wp-content/themes/alliance/css directory to overwrite the existing one: